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WV Public Service Commission

Another page deals with environmental reviews. This page deals with other reviews of some of the same projects. The PSC rules on new water & sewer plants (also phone, gas & other utilities). It also rules on major expansions and rate increases.


Past rulings

Documents on file

How you can Complain to the state about sewers & other utilities


To have rights when PSC approves new projects, rate increases, or other actions, you need to "protest & intervene" as soon as possible. Fax "protest & request to intervene" with case# and brief statement of how it affects you as soon as possible, then send signed original plus 12 copies to:

Sandra Squire, Executive Secretary
WV Public Service Commission
P.O. Box 812
Charleston, WV 25323
Tel: 800-344-5113 or 304-340-0300 Fax: 304-340-0325

Also deliver copies by certified mail, return receipt requested (or in person) to all "parties" in the case (150 CSR 1-12.6). The links for the "orders" above show names & addresses of the parties, or you can ask the PSC at 800-344-5113, 304-340-0300.


Your "protest" will be part of the record but barely considered.


If they let you "intervene" they'll listen much more, you'll be kept informed, you can cross-examine witnesses and present detailed evidence at any hearing, and can respond to others' arguments. Your PSC letter needs two brief parts: To intervene, you have to show how this harms you personally. To change the project, you have to show how it hurts the general public good.


They don't invite positive statements, but you can probably send them anyway.


My understanding about the kind of issues you can "protest & intervene" are if:


1. Utility can't manage well.
2. Operators lack experience to run the proposed project.
3. Distraction from existing duties
4. Poor location
5. Issues of plant design

6. Costs to customers would be high


I believe:
(a) you also need to say how you are personally affected,
(b) how the public in general is affected,
(c) include the case# above,
(d) a "protest" is heard once, but you will not be heard again later,
(e) an "intervention" means they will keep you informed & you can say more later (after the fax, an intervenor needs to send a signed original & 12 copies by regular mail to the address above, and one to the utility and any other party who is mentioned in the orders of the case, these must be delivered personally or by registered or certified mail, return receipt requested).


I am no lawyer nor specialist in permits, so any corrections & other issues to raise would be helpful.