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Weather & Climate
in Metro area
in WV
past year outside Charles Town
past month at S. Jefferson Elementary School
past month at National Conservation Training Center
Overall Climate & drought, long term history
4-year trend of groundwater level in Potomac basin
   past 30 days groundwater levels in Maryland
River levels: Past 4 monthsmany years, or tomorrow

The following 2 long term forecasts show maps, where Green areas have more chance of being Wetter/Cooler than normal, Brown areas will be Drier/Warmer
Rain forecasts for coming year 
Temperature forecasts for coming year
Wind & alternate energy
World weather


Get email notices from state when they review pollution permits in your area.
Get email notice when Ozone is high.
Find people to ride-share with
Report sickness after swimming

CO2 released by our daily actions
Nitrogen released into Chesapeake Bay (method paper says it omits N from fertilizing fields for the food you eat, which is 40% of N in the Bay)
Pollution permits in WV
Public Service Commission reviews
Pollution from Construction sites
Map of existing Wind farms near you
Proposed towers (new wind farms show up on list as many towers in one area)
WV plan for water quality (5 mbytes, 91 pages, WVDEP, Continuing Planning Process for Water Quality Management, includes comments by environmental groups)
   EPA approval of plan
WV Guidance on trading pollution, with Potomac appendix
Chesapeake Bay health risks for swimming

Sewer issues, including Charles Town & developers
Septic issues
Water issues
Speedboat erosion

Citizen enforcement of clean water
Equipment needed to test for bacteria
Get a kit to monitor river clarity, acidity, dissolved oxygen & temperature 

Native plants

Clean Water Act (different people cite it with different numbering systems. Click for key to numbering systems)
Environmental Impact Statements
NEPA-National environmental policy act

Water Quality measured by WV Dept of Agriculture in Potomac Basin
Water quality (ambient sampling) from DEP
Inventories of species at Harpers Ferry Park
Maryland's standards for Chesapeake Bay tributaries
Maryland TMDL for Monocacy River
Geology of Jefferson County

Water pollution found from individual polluters
     map from NY Times
NPDES-water pollution permits
WV impaired streams (303d list)
WV other documents
US permits+violations
Nitrates in ground water
Best Management Practices to control erosion & pollution

EPA watershed info
River erosion
Corps of Engineers rules
EPA Manual for Onsite Treatment (20 Mbytes)
EPA Manual for Pollution Permits (Technical Support Document for Water Quality-based Toxics Control, 27 MBytes)
DEP manual for mixing zones & pollution limits

UN report on how runoff kills oceans

Air pollution from your car
Pressure-treated wood
Dark skies generally and in Virginia

Disposing of Medicines/Drugs

Report environmental pollution that you see
Related Organizations

Recreation, conservation
Watershed coalition, local
National watershed network, purdue
Watershed information network, epa
Friends of Shenandoah
Cacapon Institute, Morgan Co.
Blue Heron, Hedgesville
Lightstone, Pendleton Co.
Mountain Institute, Pendleton Co.
Canaan Valley Institute, Tucker Co.
Stewards, 8 counties
Piedmont envir.council, VA
Bicycle repair
Chesapeake Bay (MD statistics)
ChesapeakeLegal.org (legal help)

National list of groups

WV environment
WV rivers
Limestone geology
Organic farming

WV Office of environmental health
Flood insurance

Lists of Significant Rivers

Nationwide Rivers Inventory
Wild & Scenic Rivers

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